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Qatar Travel Guide

As one of the richest countries on the world, Qatar is loved and admired by many people. This is further fueled by the fact that it has many tourism destinations that is very attractive. From spectacular beaches to amazing sand dunes, this country has a lot to offer its visitors and residents alike. The high rate of economic growth only helps in placing it among the top countries worldwide. Even with the modernization, Qatar remains a traditional country that values its historical norms and cultures. With the endless tourism destinations you can go to, you may be spoilt for choice and end up feeling confused. Below are some of the best places to visit on your next trip to Qatar.

Barzan towers

Barzan towers

These watch towers that were built in the 19th century present a great historical value to the country. The 16 meters high towers were built near the sea to present a lookout for approaching ships and pearl drivers. During their renovations in 2003, they were fitted with modern features like air conditioning. One tower has huge staircases while the other has super thick walls giving them their distinctions. The roofs have several layers built with different materials. The architecture of the towers aren’t their only source of attraction, they also have beautiful sceneries on both sides. A unique oasis full of green trees and palm trees adds to the serenity of the place behind the towers. Different animals are also available presenting viewers with a variety of great scenes to look at. Sets of modern houses and makeshift shacks are on either side of the towers as well.

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Al Wajbah fort

Located in the west side of Doha, the fort was built with four watchtowers in 1882 but was later renovated in the late 20th century. It’s one of the oldest forts in Qatar and played a very important role in the battle between ottoman army and sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed Al Thani army in 1893. Aside from the battle taking part at the fort and the Sheikh Thani emerging the winner, he also used the fort as his residence during different intervals. The watchtowers are placed in every corner and are great tourist attractions to everyone from historian scholars and artists to those just looking for a place to take a vacation and relax.

https://www.visitqatar.qa - Al Wajba Fort

Zubarah fort

Although it’s one of the youngest forts in Qatar, built in 1938, Zubarah also has a rich heritage like all the rest. Although its original purpose was to act as a coast guard station, it was converted into an archeological museum to display the different historical findings. It is located in the northwestern part of Qatar in the deserted town of Zubarah. It has three corners with circular towers on top, the fourth tower being rectangular unlike the other three. Visitors can use external staircases to access the rooftops and the floors. The fort highlights the mixture of urban setting with the social and economic history, presenting a unique approach to anyone who visits it. The place that was a fishing and trading port at some point has become a great historic landmark in the country.

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