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Sports In Qatar

Hey everyone today I just wanna talk about Qatar only. Do you know what are the top 3 sport played in Qatar right now? If no? then it's fine because I will tell you all of them one by one right here.



Football is almost popular in the whole world but still it's also popular in Qatar too.Football is known as the most popular game in Qatar and it came into force since 1948.Their first football club was made in 1950.This country has two professional tier leagues: - Qatar Star League ( has 14 clubs since 2013) - Qatargas League (has 4 clubs and 12 reserved teams too) Qatar has ranked 6 in world cup qualifiers standings which make a great significance for them

Basic Rules: Each team has eleven players while playing on the field.The time period is divided into 45 halves each and the motive of the players is to score more goals.The victory depends on which team scores more.
http://www.qfa.com.qa - Qatar Football Association


Basketball was another most popular sports game in Qatar.The first championship was held on 1995.This game also gives women an extent level of status.Qatar basketball league also gave a chance to women on 2002. Qatar ranked 50 in FIBA but still, as compared to history, the country is working hard right now in order to achieve the true level of success.

Basic Rules: There are two teams present out there and each team has to score more goals than another.There's a special type of basket ball court and the basketball is elevated down through a hoop which is almost ten foot above the ground and also you can call this process a goal of basketball.There are many time limits present out there for ex: 20-minute halves, 10-minute halves. All these time limits depend on the type of people, the men often have the longer duration and the women have less than men and on the college level, there's very less time gap. This timing rule making it easier for them to play.

3.Power Boat Racing:

Powerboats are not an ordinary boat it can run faster than a real F1 racing car.This game is also considered as the third most popular game played in Qatar.This game held annually in Qatar since 2002.There is very well experienced sailors present out there for the boats because it's become harder for an ordinary sailor to win the championships. They often call these racings F1 Powerboat racing which sounds awesome doesn't it.This game is the only game that makes this country stand aside in terms of sports because these guys are superiors in this racing stuff. If I talk about rule there are not that many rules as I mentioned in the above two sports game but it's necessary for a sailor to have their license while sailing their boats on the river line.
http://www.class-1.com - PEARL QATAR GRAND PRIX
The motive of all racers is to go through the finish line first. As you know in car racing there is three type of race: - Sprint - Circuit - Time Laps In this game too, type of race is decided before hitting the river line and who hits the finish line first that guy is considered to be a winner.

www.olympic.qa - Qatar Olympic Committee
http://www.topendsports.com - Sport in Qatar