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The Pearl-Qatar. The Arabian Jewel

Pearls never fade. The famed pearl diving site in Qatar has been reincarnated to give birth to the pearl-Qatar. This Artificial Island spans 4 million square kilometers. The pearl is a demonstration of man's Insatiable appetite for greatness, prestige, and comfort. It is surely fit to be dubbed the playing grounds of the gods due to Its opulence, glamour and grand design.


A melting pot of culture, religion, and architecture are the hallmarks of this enchanted place. Welcome to the Venice of Arabia. The architecture is a blend of the old and the new, borrowing heavily from the Renascence architecture of modern Europe and other major civilizations. The Island hosts canals, pedestrian-friendly public squares, plazas, beach front houses, towers, apartments, and marinas.
The pearl-Qatar has a lot to offer to even the most skeptical traveler or resident. The warm climate all year round favors many out door activities. Water sports are Interesting and varying. From scuba diving, snorkeling, jet skiing to deep sea fishing. You might even get a pearl or two if you are lucky. A walk around the Island is a sight to behold.
The catering scene is vibrant and diverse with a multitude of hotels and restaurants offering both local and world class cuisine. Many sea food delicacies abound. The Strong Asian and Arab dominance have Influenced the cuisine with International tastes complementing this rich and diverse confluence of foods. On the menu, you are sure of a dash of oriental, a slice of American, a pinch of European and a sprinkling of Arabian cuisines For the avid shopper, this is shoppers paradise. The Island hosts of a multitude of International and world renowned stores stocking all the major brands. Women's fashions, men's fashion, jewelry, perfumes name it. In the pearl-Qatar, you will want for none. The Island is home to many millionaires with lavish lifestyles therefore all comforts known to man must be available. The stores and shops are nicely distributed on the Island and close late in the night. The pearl-Qatar is an architectural masterpiece. 18831 dwellings hosting over 45000 residents are expected to be complete by the year 2018. As residents, options of living quarters are varied. Apartment and beach front houses are in plenty catering for the rich and the average as well. Rent charges range from 5000QAR up to 50000QAR depending on location and amenities available. From the tall Arabic towers of Porto Arabia towers to the Venice style of Qanat Quartier, different national and International themes have been expressed beautifully in architecture. Design of the ten precincts making up pearl-Qatar Island is unique for each.
Just as the pilgrimage is a sacred to duty to every believer then visiting pearl-Qatar is a noble duty for every sojourner and International traveler. What a tragedy it would be not to experience the wonders and delights of this man made Island in the middle of beautiful, enchanted Arabia