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Qatar Photographic

The idea of establishing the Society started when a group of amateur photographers gathered round sum pictures which typify the indigenous culture. They decided to form the first Qatar Photographic Club.

In 1995 the club announced the formation of the Qatar Photographic Society. At the present time it comes under the Qatar National Olympic Committee and its members number 230 men and women. The Society is a member of the International Union of Photographic Art and the American Photographic Society.

Aims of the Society

The Society promotes the interests of photography in Qatar and encourages emerging talents in this field by means of the following activities:

Lectures and discussions on photography with the participation of experts invited by the Society.

The Society runs courses on all aspects of photography including principles of photography, still life, portrait photography, developing and printing colour and black & white film, processing pictures with PhotoShop programs and digital photography.

The Society holds annual exhibitions of the group as a whole in addition to giving help and support to individual members to stage their own exhibitions. It also takes part in exhibitions held by other organisations which are connected to the Society. It has held an exhibition of the World Press Photography and its members have had their photographs included in the calendars of various companies such as Qatar Gas, Qatar Petroleum, Q-tel, Qatar National Bank, National Council for Culture and Heritage, Qatar Olympic Committee and the Qatar Post Office.

The Society represents Qatar in international festivals and exhibitions.

The Society wishes to thank Sheikh Hassan bin Mohammed bin Ali Al Thani for his generosity in donating the Society’s headquarters and for opening the exhibition of historical cameras, dating back a century and a half, and thereby realizing the dream of Qatari photographers.

The Society also thanks the Qatar Olympic Committee for its continued support for the Society, and similarly the National Council for Culture and Heritage headed by Sheikh Saud bin Mohammed bin Ali Al Thani for its support for many of the Society’s activities and for awakening the cultural and photographic life of the country. Lastly, the Society wishes to thank Sheikh Saud personally for his continued support over the past three years.